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On a group trip to Italy I planned a very special visit to the Vatican. I arranged a private audience with the pope in his residence and a special mass in his private chapel. After the mass we met and talked to him. He gave us gift of a rosary along with a special blessing. This incredible experience will last us a life time.

I also plan about six bus trips a year to different places in the United States for mature adults, that do not belong to a group or organization. The average group size is around fifty people. Although they do not know each other, it’s a pleasure watching how they form a bond and gel together so that by the end of the trip, they become friends and make plans to travel together in the future.

After being in the travel business over forty years, there are only a few places I haven’t visited. It has been the experience of a lifetime. With all of the places I’ve seen and enjoyed, it is hard to describe the wonderful feelings I have about them all. People are always asking me to name my favorite place. I can’t tell them because they are all great. I’ve never had a bad trip. I can tell you the highlight of my life was an African Safari.

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