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2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the most important Spanish and universal artists of all time, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, a genius born in Malaga at the beginning of the 20th century.

To commemorate his life and work, an extensive program of exhibitions, initiatives and events have been planned around the world. In Spain, the focus will be on the Spanish cities with the strongest ties to Picasso and which were a source of inspiration, leaving a mark on his personality and art.

This creates an opportunity to embark on a journey to discover the places in Spain that inspired the master of cubism. From his birth in Malaga, to his success in Madrid, and even his years in Catalonia and Galicia.

Most U.S. carriers offer daily non-stops to Madrid and Barcelona from major U.S. cities. Chicago has two daily flights, and one more will be added next year. 2023 summer schedule will also include a new direct service to Malaga, Spain, from New York/Newark. So, reaching Picasso’s old stomping grounds will be easier than ever.


Beautiful Destination

The city of his birth shaped him as an artist.

The birthplace of the universal genius. Although he didn’t return after the Civil War, Malaga was always in his thoughts, and he would remember its bright light and pleasant climate. Memories of his childhood in Malaga are common themes in his work. The atmosphere and the daily life of those years became the inspiration for some of the recurring themes in his paintings, such as flamenco, doves and bulls. We take a trip down the streets of his hometown of Malaga in search of the work and the places that marked this Spanish art genius.

Just three hours by train from Madrid, once in the city of Malaga you can enjoy the Picasso Museum and Picasso Birthplace Museum. Both places frequently hold temporary exhibitions, but the Birthplace Museum also houses objects that belonged to the artist and his family. In addition, you’ll find the Church of Santiago where Pablo Picasso was baptized. The church also features impressive Baroque decoration and a Mudéjar tower.

A Coruña

Beautiful Destination

The city where Picasso took his first steps as an artist.

He spent a large portion of his childhood in the Galician city, moving there when he was 9 years old. This was an important period of his life, as he began to attend the Fine Arts school and finish his first works of art. In fact, the first time that the artist publicly exhibited his work was in A Coruña, and many of his recurring themes were already evident.

Heading to the north of Spain, at four hours by train from Madrid, in A Coruña, you can tour the places where young Pablo enjoyed life in the city. The stops along the route include the house where he lived, Plaza de Pontevedra (the square where he played and went to school), Riazor beach (which Picasso drew), the Art School (which displays his qualifications), Santo Amaro Cemetery (where his little sister was buried) and the Tower of Hercules (where he often sought inspiration). Another unmissable stop linked to Picasso from A Coruña is the Picasso Museum House. On the second floor of this building, you can find the home of Picasso and his family. Also, in 2023, a visitor center is slated to open on the first floor of the building to house the painter's material.


Beautiful Destination

The city where he spent most of his academic years.

The city that influenced him artistically and architecturally, especially Gaudí's modernism. He also socialized with brilliant contemporary artists who left a mark on his art such as Ramón Casas, Santiago Rusiñol and Carles Casagemas.

Nowadays, a good way to learn about the artist is to visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, where you will be surprised by many of his works, including his interpretation of Las Meninas by Velazquez.

About 200 km from Barcelona is Horta de Sant Joan, a small village where Picasso would often escape to and where he said he experienced his purest emotions. Don’t miss the Picasso Center, which houses all of the works the artist created in Horta, immortalizing the village.


Beautiful Destination

The city of his youth. There he found inspiration in the
Prado Museum.

In the capital, the teenage Picasso escaped from the Academy of Fine Arts to seek inspiration from the great masters who live in the Prado Museum, such as Velazquez and El Greco. The museum was always a reference; and he eventually became its honorary director.

But if there is one unmissable place in Madrid where you can be surprised by Picasso once more, it is the Reina Sofia National Art Museum. You will find numerous works by the artist there. Among all of these works, the most iconic piece, which leaves viewers absolutely speechless, is “Guernica”, a mural nearly 8 meters long, painted to bear witness to the horrors committed during the Spanish Civil War.


Beautiful Destination

The city with close ties to the art world.

Bilbao, one of the main Spanish cities with close ties to the art world, joins the Picasso Year celebration with an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum.

The Guggenheim Museum is one of the most surprising examples of 20th century architecture as Frank Gehry used 33,000 ultra-thin titanium plates to create its curious curves. Inside, it shares the world’s most important private collection of modern and contemporary art with New York and Venice. Bilbao is home to another of Spain’s most important art museums: the Museum of Fine Arts.


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