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Now’s the time to inspire your clients and others to dream and think about where they’d like to visit when they travel next. Or update their bucket list! 

If you’re in search of travel-related content to post on Facebook, we’ve put together a list of short, picturesque videos created by Travel & Leisure magazine you can use to stay active on social media.

These are to be used as generic posts featuring different destinations around the world – please do not use them to promote any specific suppliers.  

You can use our descriptive introduction text for each video, or feel free to write your own.
But if you write your own introduction, please make sure to include “(Video: Travel + Leisure)” so they receive credit for using their video.



This works similar to the MAST Web Marketing posts that you can post on social media.

Simply pick a destination, then copy the text paragraph and the link together at the same time.  Go to Facebook like you’re going to make a post on your Page and just paste what you copied into a Facebook post. 

The video window should automatically load and display in the Facebook post below the text you just pasted there. 
You can also delete the link in the post message area once you see the video image displayed below the text.  🙂

Then click the Post button.  All done.  🙂 



Close-to-Home U.S. Travel Destination Ideas 

As natural explorers, quarantine is a foreign concept to grasp for most Americans. While we lately have been spending more time in our homes, our passion for adventure persists through these critical times. Consider starting small and venturing out into your own backyard, once the stay-in-place orders and mandatory 14-day quarantines are lifted. We recommend these wide-open-space vacation destinations in the U.S. where you can continue to comfortably social distance.  


Glacier National Park 

Soar atop the trees and get a true birds eye view of Glacier National Park in Alaska. See the wildlife, take in the natural surroundings, and relax in the tranquility. Ask your travel advisor about tours to National Parks! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Grand Canyon, Arizona

Deep cavernous cliffs, naturally painted landscape, gorging rock formations, and views as far as the eye can see. The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder like no other. Watch as the colors of reds, blues, greens, and oranges change throughout the day as the sun sets. Ask your travel advisor about tours to National Parks! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Florida Keys

This U.S. destination is great for all types of travelers. Whether you are looking for a family weekend, girls getaway, or are celebrating with your special someone. Hop on a sail boat, take in the sunset beachside, or explore the lighthouses that line the shores of the keys. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Florida! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Asheville, North Carolina 

Watch the trees change in the fall, experience the nature of America’s east coast, and take in the magnificence of Biltmore estate. America’s largest home was built by George Vanderbilt and sits on 8,000 acres. Ask your travel advisor about travel to the Carolinas! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Lake Tahoe, Nevada 

Nevada is much more than just Vegas. Lake Tahoe offers outdoor wonders, tranquil settings, and room to explore. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Lake Tahoe! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



San Diego, California 

Head to So Cal and experience San Diego. From beaches, breweries, and gorgeous weather, this town has it all. Visit sea lions, take a surf lesson, or grab some food at the pier. Nightlife lovers will find this California town an awesome vacation destination. Ask your travel advisor about travel to California! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




Maine offers natural beauty, excellent architecture, quaint towns, and more. Become one with wildlife, see the trees change colors, set sail around storybook coves, or relax with a glass of wine by water. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Maine! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Jackson Hole, Wyoming 

From wildlife to a celebrity siting, Jackson Hole offers it all. Natural wonders as far as the eye can see. Rushing rivers, snow capped mountains, rich green forests, and space to make you feel the vastness of the earth. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Wyoming! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




From snow capped mountains, to rushing waters, Alaska is an exciting travel destination. Known as the final frontier this state seems to have endless room to wander. Kayak through the glacial lakes, see the Alaskan wildlife, visit a remote town, all on your next Alaskan vacation. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Alaska! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Monument Valley, Arizona

Set in America’s Southwest, this destination is straight out of the movies. Rugged landscapes, wild horses, and shades of orange as far as the eye can see. Monument Valley, Arizona is a travel gem in America’s crown. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Arizona! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Havasu Falls, Arizona 

No need to go far to experience natural wonders of the world. Havasu Falls is a paradise set right here in the United States. With dozens of falls, water activities, and adventure around every corner, this is a destination not to be missed. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Arizona! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Niagra Falls

Visit the US and Canada all in one day at this natural wonder. Take a boat ride to get up close and personal. See the green and white waters rush over the side of the falls. Enjoy the city of Niagra near by and experience a must visit attraction for any bucket lister. Ask your travel advisor about travel to the Niagra Falls! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



13 of America’s Most Beautiful Landmarks 

From sea to shining sea, America has tons of destinations to offer travelers. Visit Niagra falls in New York. See some of America’s greatest Presidents at Mount Rushmore. Marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Be mesmerized by the Wave in Coyote Buttes, Arizona. Hike through the Giant Forest of Redwoods. Take on adventure in Hawaii at the active Kilauea volcano. See the monuments in Washington, D.C. Take to the sea at the Portland Head Light in Maine. Visit Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Climb to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Dive deep into the Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico. Feel liberty at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. See a show at the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. From famous landmarks to national treasure, the United States is an excellent vacation destination. Ask your travel advisor about travel to these landmarks! (Video: Travel + Leisure)






There is a reason Australia won 2020 Destination of the Year. From beaches and surf, to wild life and culture, this continent and country offers travelers a world like no other. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Australia!  (Video: Travel + Leisure)



A Taste of Prague 

Sink your teeth into the Czech Republic’s capital city. Venture through the Medieval streets, let in the gothic architecture, fill up your beer, and traverse through the red roofs of the downtown into the night. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Prague!   (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Phi Phi Islands 

Dive deep into greens and blues with tones you have to see to believe. Take a boat ride, hang with the locals, and catch some rays in this exotic paradise. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Thailand! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Lofoten Islands, Norway 

Where snow capped mountains, meet picturesque fjords. See the quaint fishing towns, watch a hyper lapse of the Norther Lights, and marvel at the beauty that only Scandinavia can exude. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Norway! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Cusco, Peru 

Breathtaking Machu Picchu is just the beginning of this Peruvian town. From architecture, to rolling hills, deep cultural roots, and history like no place on earth, Cusco is a travelers dream. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Peru! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



The Maldives 

Imagine the bluest blues because paradise is calling. Follow a pod of dolphins, snorkel the crystal clean waters, and dream of your own over the water bungalow with the person you love. The Maldives is an excellent celebratory vacation destination. Ask your travel advisor about travel to The Maldives! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Porto, Portugal

Architect, culture, history, and of course famous drink — port, this is what you can experience in Porto. The seaside town offers sweeping views, bustling attractions, and delicious dining experiences. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Portugal! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Siargao, Phillippines 

Welcome to the enchanting world of Siargao. This geological wonder gives visitors water activities, adventure, beach time, lush landscapes, and all on island time. Ask your travel advisor about travel to the Philippines! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Yoho National Park 

Ancient geysers, babbling brooks, snow dusted mountains, deep ridges, and emerald water are what you can expect to find at Yoho National Park. Take in the night sky under a million stars or set out early to take in the peace and quiet of nature. Ask your travel advisor about tours to National Parks! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




Located off the coast of Tanzania, this island nation is a true vacation wonder. From beach life to cultural attractions and more, a visit to Zanzibar is out of this world. Spend your day on the water, drive the winding streets, and learn about one of its most famous inhabitants— Freddy Mercury. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Zanzibar! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Cliffs of Moher 

Experience one of Ireland’s many gems with a stop at the Cliffs of Moher. Where the greenest greens meet the bluest blues, wildlife mixes with tourists and Irish lore looms over your entire visit. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Ireland! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Dubrovnik, Croatia 

From Game of Thrones fanatics, to history buffs, cultural lovers, and seaside dreamers, this coastal Croatian town is a must visit. Set in a medieval landscape that will transport you through space and time, Dubrovnik is a travelers dream. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Croatia! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



The Algarve, Portugal 

Mix island life, with European splendor. The Algarve is an up and coming hottest tourism location. Boat through rock formations, stop and have lunch at a private beach, and see the many sites that dot the island’s landscape. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Portugal! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




The rugged terrain of Iceland makes this travel location wholly unique. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, hike a glacier, see a foss, Icelandic for waterfall, and discover a world straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Iceland! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




See this storybook Danish city by foot or by sea. Both options are great to give you the best views of the midcentury modern architecture, charming seaside homes, and more. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Denmark! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Rwanda, Africa 

A visit to this East African nation will leave travelers wanting more. From exotic animal sightings, to intense natural settings, Rwanda is a must visit for adventurous travelers. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Africa! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Bali, Indonesia

Fall in love with Bali. From relaxing seaside settings, to temples where you can find your zen. This culture-rich destination will awaken your soul. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Indonesia! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada 

Talk about having the blues. Grab a canoe and take to the lake. Lake Louise offers outdoor adventure for travelers, with views you must see to believe. Whether you want a wintertime retreat or the stunning blue waters of the summer time, this Canadian travel destination is like no other. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Canada! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Portofino, Italy 

Portofino is a romantic hillside setting. With the sea in the foreground and painted buildings that dot the jagged coastal edge. A glass of wine and a bowl of homemade pasta will be all you need to make this vacation one to remember. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Italy!  (Video: Travel + Leisure)



New Zealand 

New Zealand offers natural beauty unrivaled around the world. From lush green waterfall lined forests, to mountainous smokey terrains, and snow capped peaks. Take to the black sand beaches, canoe through rivers, or sit tranquilly along the shore. Ask your travel advisor about travel to New Zealand! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Berlin, Germany

Germany’s capital offers culture, entertainment, and architectural beauty. See the way Berlin’s past has helped shape this modern city of today. Take in the many art forms throughout this once divided city, that now show off its unity. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Germany! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Turks & Caicos

You’re on island time! Take a dip in the pool, walk the white sandy beaches, and be mesmerized by the calming waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Head to the seas for a romantic sail, relax under an umbrella oceanside, or grab a book to read in a hammock. See the wonders without worrying about a schedule. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Turks & Caicos! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Valensole, France 

Plucked straight out of a painting, the lavender fields of Valensole will set the scene for this romantic French town. Stroll through the French countryside, wine in hand without a care in the world. Ask your travel advisor about travel to France! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Paris, France

What can be said about Paris that hasn’t been written before? World class dining, fine and local art, architecture that inspired some of the greatest painters, writers, and artists around the world. Charming avenues, iconic attractions, and romantic settings as far as the eye can see. You will have nostalgia for Paris before you even depart. Ask your travel advisor about travel to France! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




Explore exciting Finland. With it’s colorful buildings, water as far as the eye can see, and unique Scandinavian culture, this is a travel location not to be missed. Seek out Helsinki or go off the grid, either way you will never want to the vacation to Finnish. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Finland! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Manchester, England 

This English town boasts sports, city life, adventure, and culture. Get outside of London and experience another British location that will excite an Anglophile. Ask your travel advisor about travel to England! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




When planning your next vacation, don’t forget about our neighbor to the north. Toronto is a bustling metropolis with a unique diversity that adds to it’s culture in a variety of ways. Taste foods from around the world, take in a 360 degree experience at the CN Tower, or breathe in Canada’s natural beauty. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Canada! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



The Cook Islands 

The Cook Islands look like a location directly off of a screen saver. Picturesque beaches, stunning island views, overwater bungalows, water activities, and more. From relaxation to adventure, this South Pacific location is a perfect travel destination. Ask your travel advisor about travel to The Cook Islands! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Camping Sites

Take camping to a whole new level at sites like Glacier National Park in Alaska, Canyonlands in Utah, Haleakala National Park in Hawaii, Laugavegur in Iceland or Miyajima in Japan. These sites will bring make you a part of the beautiful landscape that engulfs these settings. Pack your tent, and maybe a camera, these are must visit sites for all campers. Ask your travel advisor about tours to National Parks! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



U.S. Virgin Islands

This paradise doesn’t require a passport for travel. USVI is an escape to the Caribbean that will get you out and exploring or propped under a shady palm sipping your favorite cocktail. Ask your travel advisor about travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Oaxaca, Mexico 

Engulf yourself in Mesoamerican ruins and travel worthy beaches. See the rolling hills, mingle with the locals, and taste the flavors of this unique Mexican state. A great appreciate for Mexico’s rich culture can be felt in Oaxaca. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Mexico! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Barcelona, Spain

Hear the sounds of a Spanish guitar strumming, marvel at the architectural wonder of the Sagrada Familia, and sip Chianti as you watch the bustling world pass your by. Take in a show, find the best paella, and let the magic of Barcelona draw you in. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Spain! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is like stepping inside a fairy tale. With the iconic Matterhorn in the background and adventure ahead, this Swiss city is a vacation playground. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Switzerland! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Los Cabos, Mexico 

Feel the beat of a fun filled Mexican vacation in Cabo. From high end resorts to casual days at the beach. Take a dip in the pool, stroll along the Pacific coast, or set out to sea on a sailboat. Glide through the famous rock formations, marvel at the seaside city, and at night turn up the heat at a local cantina. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Mexico! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Costa Rica

Escape to a lush paradise. Tropical forests, world-class surfing, exotic animal experiences and more await you in Costa Rica. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Central America! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii’s garden island is a geological wonder. From waterfalls to Waimea canyon, the options to explore this vegetative island are unlimited. Catch a wave at the Napali Coast, see the Kilaueak Lighthouse, and more! Ask your travel advisor about travel to Hawaii! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Edinburgh, Scotland 

Let the sound of bagpipes be the soundtrack to your Scottish holiday. Visit castles, medieval neighborhoods, and delve into the lore surrounding this magical country. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Scotland! (Video: Travel + Leisure)




Morocco is a colorful world all its own. Explore a souk, marvel at the rugged terrain, listen for the call to prayer, and indulge in the delicious foodie experiences that Marrakech has to offer. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Morocco! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Take a trip to South America and experience Buenos Aires, Argentina. The bustling city is juxtaposed to historic architecture, modern Argentinian life, and a culture that has roots from all over the world. Ask your travel advisor about travel to South America! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Moraine Lake, Canada 

When you want life to slow down escape to Moraine Lake. Peaceful waters mix with natural landscapes. Tree tops and snow covered mountains brush the blue skies, as you dip into glacial lakes, babbling brooks, and running creeks. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Canada! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Ibiza, Spain 

Ibiza gets hotter as the sun goes down. Enjoy daytime on the water, and your evening with unlimited nightlife options. This Spanish destination is a travelers playground like no other. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Spain! (Video: Travel + Leisure)



Santorini, Greece 

Dramatic cliffs, white stone facades, and plunging calderas dot this Greek island overlooking the Aegean Sea. Get lost in the winding streets of Oia, in a travel location that has to been seen to believe. Ask your travel advisor about travel to Greece! (Video: Travel + Leisure)