Consumer eNewsletter

Consumer eNewsletter

The Consumer e-Newsletter email template allows member agencies to send customized quarterly e-newsletters to their customers. The e-newsletter will feature generic travel-related articles from the MAST 360 Travel Blog, videos, and interesting Travel related articles. Member agencies will also have the opportunity to add custom content with a personalized call to action. This content will give agencies the ability to promote a group, highlight special promotions, feature agency staff, or even share an update to their agency. Each individual agency will also receive a custom header.

Alongside the articles and custom content, there will be two to three featured supplier ads. These ads will give the suppliers a chance to highlight their products, destinations, or current promotions. Supplier ads will rotate each quarter and have a generic landing page directing clients to contact your agency to book.

To get started, you will need to set up a Mailchimp account. This account will allow you to send the newsletter to 2,000 recipients for FREE. If you want to send your newsletter to more than 2,000 recipients, you will need to pay for an upgraded subscription. 2,500 recipients will be 31 dollars per month. 5,000 recipients will be 53 dollars per month. The price will go up from there as you increase the number of recipients.

Follow the steps below to set up your FREE Mailchimp account and then email Kayleigh Miessler at for further instructions. You will need to provide the login information for your Mailchimp account to MAST to set up your newsletter.


Contact Kayleigh Miessler at