Email & Web
Marketing Program

Email & Web
Marketing Program

MAST Travel Network’s Award Winning
Digital Marketing Program

Email Marketing Program

This program offers free email promotions sent to your clients approximately 3-4 times per month on your behalf. This system provides you with custom design and personalization, a strong focus on your agency, tracking, list segmentation, subscription management, and an effective way to quickly reach your clients with great offers. Offers are linked to customized landing pages, branded for your agency, with additional itinerary and contact information.

How to sign up?

MAST Email Marketing is free to all members. We offer 2-4 email promotions per month, with no limit to the number of addresses you can send to.

If you have ClientBase in your office, all you need to do is click here and submit the email marketing registration form. Your email addresses will automatically be synced from the database in your office.

If you don’t have ClientBase, just click here to register and then send a list of your customer email addresses to

Once you sign up for the program, no further action is needed to participate in each promotion. When a new promotion is ready, you will receive a sample of the content, the date it is scheduled to go out, and a link to out opt if you choose.

Contact to sign up for this free service included in your membership.

Web Marketing Program

MAST Promotional Web Content provides your agency with exclusive content for your website and social media pages. Because MAST designs each promotion in-house, your agency will enjoy the benefit of freshly designed promotions each month, with a focus on your agency. We will be advertising major supplier promotions, exclusive MAST sales, and featured content from MAST email marketing and direct mail throughout the year. Materials include web pages, web graphics, links, and pre-written social media updates you can customize for your agency. MAST’s featured promotions landing page,, is used to host all MAST’s own web promotions and also promotions provided to us by suppliers.

Be sure to check this page often, as additional updates will be made regularly.


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