Direct Mail

Direct Mail Works! More MAST members are participating in our Direct Mail Marketing Program than ever before. Numerous members have relayed stories of profitable bookings made as a result of sending MAST’s consumer publications, to their customers and referrals. Every agency should be top-of-mind with their customers and direct mail is the most cost effective way to do that. If you don’t communicate with your clients, someone else will.

360° Degrees Travel Planner

360 Degrees Travel Planner mailers are full-color, 12-16 page magazines (depending on supplier participation) issued twice a year and customized and branded per agency. These publications promote travel to any and all corners of the world, with an inviting and thought-provoking layout, used to motivate customers to start planning their next vacation or experience with their travel agent. These 8.5″ x 11” planners feature preferred suppliers’ scheduled, branded marketing campaigns to promote land-based vacations, cruises, a variety of popular and exotic destinations, excursions and descriptive destination information including highlights and experiences. Planning tools, calendars and travel tips will be included, and each issue will have an approximate 6-month shelf life.

The Winter/Spring issue will focus on late Winter, Spring Break and Summer Vacations. The Summer/Fall issue will focus on Summer vacations, Fall getaways and holiday travel.

Vacation Makers

Vacation Makers mailers are full-color, 8-12 page magazines (depending on supplier participation) issued 8 times a year and customized and branded per agency. These publications feature a different theme per issue and include tactical supplier offers targeted toward certain types of customers. These 6″ x 10.5″, booklet mailers will focus on different types of travel or interests each month with each travel theme featured twice during the year. Agencies will have the opportunity to customize the intro-text on the inside-cover page of each piece with their own agency-specific text. Each Vacation Makers will have a quick turnaround time with approximately a 2 to 3-month shelf life.


February – Fun, Sun, Beach & Cruise
(No March VM – Winter/Spring 360 to drop during this time)
(No April VM – Multi-Supplier Postcard to drop during this time, Featured Suppliers TBD)
May – Family Vacations
June – Unique, Exotic and Romantic Getaways
July – Europe
(No August VM – Summer/Fall 360 to drop during this time)
(No September VM – Multi-Supplier Postcard to drop during this time, Featured Suppliers TBD)
October – Fun, Sun, Beach & Cruise
November – Family Vacations
December – Unique, Exotic and Romantic Getaways
January – Europe

Agency-Branded Postcards

A few times a year, MAST will print and mail agency branded preferred supplier postcard campaigns on your behalf. We offer an online service where members can choose to place their own order for each campaign, or take a hands-off approach and empower MAST to handle the mailings from start to finish.

The postcard design will have a standard, year-long lifestyle theme so it looks as though it’s being sent by the agency and not a supplier, to build a more personal connection between the agency and their customers. Each card will feature supplier imagery, an offer and call-to-action back to the travel agency.

MAST offers two different types of postcard campaigns:

  • Exclusive Single-Supplier, Dedicated Postcard Campaign
    Oversized Postcard with full color image on front featuring one supplier’s offer and product. Only a few Single-Supplier Postcards will be offered in 2020 rather than monthly. Any Agency (regardless of membership level) may send out 100 Postcards per Postcard Campaign at no charge and without using their marketing credits. Postcard orders over 100 pieces will be charged $1/postcard for each piece over 100.
  • Combined, Multi-Supplier Postcard Campaign
    Fold-over postcard with full color imagery featuring two or three non-competing preferred suppliers with current promotions or offers. Multi-Supplier Postcards will now require the use of your agency’s marketing credits. There will be 2 Multi-Supplier postcard mailings in 2020. Platinum, Gold and Silver members can use their marketing credits to order 150 postcards. Postcards mailed over this 150 amount will be invoiced at $1/postcard. Bronze member agencies can order Multi-Supplier postcards for $1/postcard.

E-mail Marketing

MAST offers a FREE email marketing program for all members! Once you sign up, we will send an e-mail promotion to your clients about twice a month. If you want to opt out of certain campaigns, you can, but if you want to participate, no action is needed.

Email marketing pieces

MAST E-mail Marketing is the most simple way to market and stay in front of your clients. Following each campaign, you will have access to open and click-through tracking reports and much more.

To get started, just send a customer e-mail list (in any format) and your agency contact information, and MAST will take care of the rest. If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information, please contact Bob Sharer by calling 630-889-9817 x25.