Booking into MAST’s group space is simple. Just book as you usually would. Provide your agency phone number and the group and voyage number listed for the sailing you wish to book. Available cabin categories held in the group can be viewed in Polar Online and Sabre Cruises during the booking process or by calling the cruise line reservations department.

Onboard Credit and amenities are subject to change. Confirm with Cunard for amenity assigned when booking into the groups.

Amenities are assigned at the time group is held. VERIFY AMENITY ON YOUR BOOKING TO ELIMINATE THE POSSIBILITY OF ERRORS. Single occupancy stateroom receives 1/2 of the OBC offered for the stateroom. On-board credit is held to the maximum allowed for each sailing. If extra amenity points are left over other items such as chocolates, bathrobes, wine, etc. will be assigned. Amenities are subject to change. To view chosen amenity for bookings refer to individual bookings, check Polar Online or contact Cunard Reservations.

Group space is held for MAST & Travel Hosts. If you would like to hold a group under MAST or Travel Hosts so that other agencies can book into the group please contact Lindsay to hold the group for you. Further Questions? Please email

NOTE: Space is recalled regularly and quantities of available cabins change when recalled or sold. Contact Cunard for up to date availability.

Helpful Information: MAST webpage for Cunard Line (for up-to-date information):

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