Norwegian Cruise Line

Booking into MAST’s group space is simple. Just book as you usually would. If your agency participates in Travel Center Hosts, provide the Travel Hosts’ phone number along with YOUR agency phone number as the SECONDARY AGENCY and the group and voyage number listed for the sailing you wish to book.

About Group Space: Groups are booked in MAST and Travel Hosts. The agency each group is booked under is noted on the group excel docs links below. If you would like to hold a group under MAST or Travel Hosts so that other agencies can book into the group please email

All MAST agencies who book into MAST or Travel Hosts’ group space will earn 14% commission on the commissionable cruise fare. (NOTE: MAST and Travel Hosts will receive 16% commission and will retain 2% for administrative costs) Please confirm all categories, pricing, amenities, etc. with Norwegian Cruise Line at time of reservation. MAST and Travel Hosts is not responsible for errors or changes made to groups.

For groups held with TRAVEL HOSTS: Only Travel Hosts participating agencies may book into Travel Hosts groups. Reservations may be booked through Norwegian Cruise Line’s booking engine on the NCL travel agent website or by phone with NCL. THIS IS IMPORTANT! – Add your agency phone number in the Secondary Agency field whether you book online or by phone. Failure to provide your agency phone number may delay payment of commission. If you need a login for the Travel Hosts agency please email Make sure to send your booking confirmation to

For groups held with MAST: Reservations must be booked through Norwegian Cruise Line’s group department by phone. Identify the group number and mention you are booking into a MAST Headquarter’s group which is held under phone 630-889-9817. THIS IS IMPORTANT! – Provide your agency phone number for the secondary phone field. Failure to provide your agency phone number may delay payment of commission. All MAST group commissions, including TC’s will be paid to MAST Headquarters and will be paid to your agency at the end of the month received. MAST group bookings cannot be made online. TRAVEL HOSTS AGENTS: THIS IS IMPORTANT! – If you are booking into a MAST group as an agent of Travel Hosts, please provide your agency phone number as the secondary phone and make sure to send your booking confirmation to

NCL Group Department Phone Number: Group Reservations and Service – Services new and existing group reservations. Handles inbound calls for new group booking requests, changes (latitude number, name, cabin, category, etc.) cancellations and general questions. Group Phone 1.866.625.1165.

Note: Some groups are held directly by agencies under Travel Hosts. You may hold your own groups but keep in mind other Travel Hosts’ agencies will be able to see them and book into them. When you name a group you can put your agency name in the group name.

Check with NCL or on the Travel Agent Booking Engine for availability. Cruise lines reserve the right to recall space at any time.

Helpful Information: MAST webpage for Norwegian Cruise Line (for up-to-date information):