Oceania Cruises

Amenity Partnership Program

Oceania Cruises is delighted to introduce a new program – the Oceania Cruises Amenity Partnership Program (OCAPP), which will offer you, our valued travel partner, FREE pre-paid gratuities on select sailings for MAST members. In addition, travel partners will have an earning opportunity via our OCAPP Awards.

Please note that MAST does not hold group space with Oceania Cruises. Contact their group department if you would like to hold a group.

Helpful Information

Elsa Ramirez | Business Development Manager
Phone: 305-297-8648
eramirez@oceaniacruises.com | www.oceaniacruises.com

Sales Resource Center: Salesinfo@oceaniacruises.com Website: www.oceaniacruises.com Phone: 800-531-5658

Click the document links below to view sailings and information about the Oceania Amenity Partnership Program

Amenity Voyages Dates: No promo code needed, the amenity will auto-add to each booking

OCAPP MAST 2024, 2025, 2026

OCEANIA Amenity Partnership Program