Royal Caribbean International

MAST has worked with Royal Caribbean to hold group space for key travel times and occasions clients tend to inquire about. Reservations can be booked online or through Royal Caribbean’s group department.

Group space is held under MAST. You book under your agency but into the MAST Headquarter group (MAST HQ GROUP). If you have any questions please contact Royal Caribbean’s Group Department at 800.327.2055.

If Gap points were available for the groups, maximum Onboard Credit has been held. OBC normally ranges from $25 to $50 per cabin on the RCCL groups held by MAST. Some sailings do not have GAP points so there will not be Onboard credit on the groups without GAP points. Contact RCCL to inquire as to whether there is an OBC on the sailing/group you are booking into.

IMPORTANT: Royal Caribbean reserves the right to recall unsold group space at any time and does so on a regular basis. For the most up to date availability, call the group department at Royal Caribbean – 800.327.2055

Helpful Information: MAST webpage for Royal Caribbean (for up-to-date information):