Join Forces and Secure the
Future of Your Agency

MAST Travel Network members have the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer MAST has
negotiated with the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). In recognition of our joint mission to
promote and defend the retail travel distribution channel, MAST is contributing toward the annual
ASTA membership dues. Your remaining cost to join ASTA is only $355 $149/year.

Join us as we secure your future. TOGETHER, we will move our industry forward.

MAST is proud to partner with ASTA and we hope you’ll take advantage of this offer.

Independent Contractors of MAST Travel Agency

Members now have the opportunity to join ASTA, even if their host agency is not a member. Take advantage of MAST’s discounted membership rate of only $149.00!

Here’s What ASTA Is Doing:

  • Protects the status of independent contractors so that ICs remain a viable and integral segment of the travel industry
  • Promotes the use of travel advisors in the news media and social media resulting in a constant flow of pro-travel advisors stories and sales leads for you
  • Gives you access to many consumer leads
  • Stopped ARC from raising your annual ARC fees by 300%
  • Stopped more than a dozen states from implementing business-crippling taxes on travel agency sales and fees
  • Keeps travel agencies informed on numerous DOT compliance regulations that, if any agency were to violate, could put them out of business

Join ASTA!