Electronic Document Signing

Electronic Document Signing

NEW! MAST e-Signature is a service available FREE* to members. It is a service to facilitate Online Electronic Document Signing between you and your clients.

This service can be used for Travel Waivers, Agreements, or similar types of documents that require a signature.

MAST e-Signature

Electronic Signature

* Every member agency is allowed TWO FREE documents setup. Each additional document can be setup for $40.

These Templates are available to be used AS-IS, without alterations to their content.
MAST will only customize the heading of the e-documents, which includes:

  • Agency Name
  • Agency Mailing address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

If you want to alter any verbiage within the documents we provide, you must:

  • Change text yourself and send final revised document file to MAST and we will Upload for you
  • Work with your attorney to revise content of document and send final file to MAST to upload for you

This Credit Card Authorization form is to be used only for payment agreements and asks for:

  • Last 4 digits of a credit card
  • Approved charge amount
  • Full Name
  • Signature

These forms are NOT PCI Compliant:
You should NOT ask for specific CC information such as Entire CC Number, Expiration Date, CCV #, Mailing and Billing Address, etc. to avoid identity theft opportunities.

After we setup your document for Electronic Signing, you will be provided with…

  • A unique web address/link that will store your document online.
  • Share your document with your clients by providing them with the web address/link provided.
  • Once any of your clients sign the E-Document, you will receive an email copy of the signed document for your records.

Don’t have a form that you use?

We have the following Pre-Built template forms available for you to use, or to start with, and customize.

Customer Liability Waiver

Customer Liability Waiver & Credit Card Authorization (Last 4-digits)

Travel Insurance Waiver

Statement of Services

We can customize the form with your Company Name. Just remember to select a template when filling out the ‘Setup Request’ form below.

To have your document setup, for Electronic Signing, please complete the form below: