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Currently Travel Hosts is offering the option to earn 12% to 16% commission when booking Holland America, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Cunard and Princess Cruise Lines, Regent Seven Seas, Viking River, Viking Ocean, Classic Vacations and Tauck under Travel Hosts’ CLIA and phone numbers.


Commissions are based on commissionable cruise portion for cruise bookings. Any component which does not have potential of commission at higher percentages based on sales volume will be paid at cruise line commission rate. The rates below are paid to the booking agency. Travel Hosts keeps a small portion of commission on all cruise lines. Commissions are subject to change based on cruise line agreements and Travel Hosts annual sales levels. NOTE: Holland America, Princess and Cunard commissions for the next year will show 10% until the cruise lines adjust rates for the next calendar year. This is usually done late fall or by the end of January. If a booking is paid in full when the rate shows only 10%, the balance of the commission will be paid to Travel Hosts in January. At that time the fee will be taken out of the “override” commission.

Commission Rates Earned by Agency

Cunard 14% commission Princess 14% commission Holland America 14% commission¬†Norwegian Cruise Line 14% commission on Travel Hosts and on MAST Group bookings Disney Cruise Line* 13% commission *(As of 2020, subject to change each year based on overall Travel Hosts’ sales per year)¬†Classic Vacations 12% (Villas, homes may be less) Tauck 14% (5% on air) Regent Seven Seas 13% Viking River 16% Viking Ocean 14%

*Disney will only pay 10% commission on transferred reservations and on reservations booked by your clients while on-board a cruise.

*Earmarked agencies or agencies concerned about booking identity should continue to book Disney Cruises through their agency.

Group Space Listings

Click here to view group space availability.

Commissions earned through this program will be paid directly to Travel Hosts; in turn you will be paid by Travel Hosts at the beginning of each month for receipts of the previous month.

Group space is held under MAST and under Travel Hosts for Norwegian Cruise Line, Cunard, Holland America and Princess. Visit the cruise line booking engines for up to date group information or the groups web page on the MAST website (information may not be up to date on the MAST website).

Reporting Cruise Sales:

Bookings are tracked by agency, not by agent. Your sales are tracked internally in ClientBase. Holland America and Cunard and Princess sales are reported on a regular basis to your BDM. All other suppliers are tracked and reported to BDMs upon request.

NCL has a secondary phone field which identifies your agency’s sales to NCL.

How to book Princess and Cunard:

How to Book Princess and Cunard

How to Check in and Print Princess Docs

Princess Academy Member Number Instructions

How to Book Holland America:

How to Book Holland America

How to Check in & Print HAL Client Docs

How to Book Norwegian Cruise Line:

Book using Travel Hosts’ phone/CLIA and use YOUR agency phone number in the SECONDARY AGENCY PHONE FIELD. You will see your agency listed as the booking agency on the confirmation and if you look at the booking on the NCL booking engine you will see Travel Hosts listed first and your agency listed second.

FORWARD A COPY of each agent confirmation after deposit to

How to Book NCL

NCL Docs

NCL Res Transfer Instructions

NCL Res Transfer FAQ

NCL Res Transfer Form

How to Book Disney Cruise Line:

Do not book Disney Cruises through Travel Hosts if your agency is earmarked or if you are earning more than 12% on your own.

FORWARD A COPY of each agent confirmation after deposit to

How to Book Disney Cruises

Disney Cruises Docs

How to Book Regent Seven Seas:

How to Book Regent Seven Seas

FORWARD A COPY of each agent confirmation after deposit to

How to Book Tauck:

Tauck Overview and Instructions

Tauck Booking Transfer Instructions

FORWARD A COPY of each agent confirmation after deposit to