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Please review the instructions under the Resources below to register your agency for ezbookpro. Make sure to identify your agency with MAST as your travel consortium. Once registered, begin making hotel reservations at web and net rates. You will earn commission and have the ability to charge service fees. ezbookpro also provides GDS rates which can be booked in your own GDS where you will continue to earn normal commission rates. Booking GDS rates in ezBook will earn 8% commission. If you have a GDS you can still book the hotel rates in your GDS and earn the standard commission. The benefit you have with ezBook is to see if the GDS is the best rate available in one place. You may find booking a net or web rate and adding fees will offer the best price to your clients. If you do not have access to a GDS you may still book the GDS rates offered at 8% commission and add fees in order to maximize your earnings. Commissions are paid directly to your agency.

The convenience of ezbookpro is that you can shop several sources at the same time. Sales and commissions earned through ezbookpro will remain under your agency and will be affiliated with MAST. ezbookpro offers webinars on an ongoing basis. You may register on their website at Click on the free webinars link for a schedule.


ezbookpro Registration Instructions