MAST Unclaimed TCH/MCS Bookings

Unclaimed Bookings are bookings that MAST has received from our TCH and MCS partners that do not have adequate agent/agency information for us to process the commission payment. This may be because at the time of booking the supplier reservation agent did not capture the agency and agent names correctly. All unclaimed bookings will be listed on the linked spreadsheet for one year from the time the commission is paid to MAST.


Please remember to provide your full name and agency name when making reservations via the cruise line call center. Also ask the reservation agent to confirm your contact details to ensure the information is accurate and the booking and related commission can be paid out at the original time of processing.


Please follow these steps to claim a booking on the unclaimed booking list:

  1. Complete the form found below on this page. Please note all required fields must be completed on the form for processing.
  2. Attach the booking confirmation – agent copy to the onsite form. Form submissions without the correct back-up confirmations will not be processed.
  3. Agency owner and/or designated agency contact will receive confirmation of the booking and applicable commission that will be paid to your agency. Commission will be paid via ACH to the agency owner.
  4. Individual claims must be submitted within one year of the original commission processing date. Last date a claim may be submitted is listed on the website.

MAST Unclaimed TCH/MCS Bookings Form