Social Media Manager & Content Writer

Social Media Manager & Content Writer

MAST Travel Network, an Oak Brook based travel agency consortium sales and marketing company, is seeking a Social Media Manager & Content Writer to join our innovative team. The ideal candidate is passionate about their work, excited to learn and adapt to changing and growing responsibilities and curious about the travel industry. This person must be detail oriented, and a clear communicator.

This position is responsible for managing the member social media posting and social media content creation program, developing a member digital content library, hosting social media training webinars and in-person seminars at MAST events, managing the MAST headquarter social media accounts, developing strategies to support preferred supplier marketing campaigns, content writing for MAST marketing and communications, and providing ongoing data reports and analytics on campaigns and overall productivity.


Member Related

  • Manage member Social Media Content Library program. Developing content and designing social media monthly packages for travel agency members.
  • Schedule and post content to participating agency social pages.
  • Manage Destination Spotlight Digital Content Program. Work with preferred cruise and tour suppliers on creating destination e-brochures and consumer-facing digital collateral for travel agency member use.
  • Social media training and support for members, creating tutorial videos and collateral material.
  • Conduct monthly social media training webinars on various social media topics for agency members.
  • Work with members to develop social media strategies for themselves, as individual travel advisors, as well as for the travel agency as a whole. Help members create loyal relationships with clients through social media platforms.

MAST Headquarter Related

  • Writing travel content for MAST’s marketing activities both in print and digital.
  • Assist in the ongoing creation and promotion of the MASTer Advisor Vlog and Podcast series.
  • Consistent/weekly content writing/blogging on the MAST 360° Travel Talk Blog.
  • Content writing for the Consumer e-Newsletter program.
  • Support supplier marketing campaigns with social media activities.
  • Analysis, enhancement, and restructuring of current company social media pages under the MAST branding guidelines to boost engagement and drive consumers to work with a MAST travel advisor.
  • Assist in developing consumer awareness campaigns for inspiring travel, establishing MAST as experts in the travel network, and lead generation.
  • Assist in content promotion, creation and posting at MAST events and programs.
  • Provide ongoing data reports and analytics on campaigns and overall productivity for supplier ROI.
  • Alert colleagues to emerging trends and how to integrate them into current or future social media and consumer awareness campaign projects.

Expectations for this position:

  • Project and task management: able to set and meet deadlines, work independently, complete daily tasks and project-related tasks
  • Information management: Stay current on travel industry news, be knowledgeable on the issues of the day, challenges of the marketplace, know what our competition, suppliers, and other travel-related companies are doing and how this activity relates to MAST
  • Relationship Management: Maintain positive energy in the workplace / consideration / team player
  • Engage members and suppliers, understand, and anticipate their concerns and issues
  • Creative and innovative thinker – not just follow directives or assignments
  • Willing and able to, on occasion, travel out of town and work long days and weekends, performing physical tasks as needed at company events


  • Proficiency in using social media platforms for business and marketing such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Sprout Social
  • Proficiency in Canva and Adobe Suite; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier.
  • Cultural and social understanding.
  • Content writing and proofing.
  • Comfortable with public speaking and conducting training sessions with large groups
  • Proficiency in Microsoft products, specifically Excel and PowerPoint


  • Small group health insurance plan with dental
  • Short-term disability
  • Simple IRA plan
  • Generous vacation and time off policies
  • Flexible working environment
  • Maternity/Paternity leave program