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Free Spirit Travel LLC
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I did do a family vacation for my clients for Christmas 2020. They wanted to do 4 swim out rooms at Secrets in Cozumel MX. I got it all booked, parents in first class and adult children in coach. 3 weeks after we booked it and 3 weeks before they were to leave the airlines canceled their air. No one was flying into Cozumel over Christmas. I changed their reservation to Cancun and put them at Secrets Playa Mujeres swim out rooms next to each other. It cost more but they were very happy. I mailed all of their documents to them and on Dec 22 they called me at 6pm on the way to their park and fly at Milw airport, they just found out that the wife of one of their sons passport was in her maiden name instead of her married name. I had asked them to double check all spelling and names at time of booking but they did not realize she had not changed it. I called apple the hold time was 2 hours for day of travel. I called Delta and due to a storm it was 2 hours with them. I finally go thru to an agent at Delta that would help me at 10pm at night. We got her name changed. They were so happy I could fix it they thought they were all going to cancel their Christmas Vacation. Christmas eve they sent me a beautiful centerpiece! It is so wonderful when you can make your clients happy!!!

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