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About Us:

Born at the end of what is now known as the Baby Boomer Era, we are fun loving, experience seeking, travel consultants who want nothing more than to help others enjoy the many destinations we have visited.  Our agency, GetAway Travel Service, is a boutique in size, but gargantuan in the parts of the world we sell.  Located in Hartland, WI we have been helping clients make informed choices about their vacations for 19 years.

What we love to plan:

We have extensive experience in group travel and are experts at making everything and everyone come together for celebrations such as family reunions, destination weddings, wine or beer touring, clubs and church groups.  As food, wine and beer connoisseurs we absolutely love creating custom itineraries that include experiencing the destination through its food and drinks.

While we can help you plan a trip anywhere on the planet, our main areas of focus are North & South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

What our clients say:

Repeat business is the best testament to a job well done, 75% of our business comes from our existing client base and our new clients typically come via word of mouth referrals.  We are very proud of that and believe it is because we really do go the extra mile for each of them.

After a meeting with a small group (some existing clients and some new to us) this is the feedback we received from one of the individuals who was new to us but a seasoned traveler, “Wow, thank you so much for all the information and time you have spent with us, we have never had such a good experience from any travel agent we have ever worked with, I am so impressed”.

We believe:

Travel is not always about where you go – it’s about your experiences all along the way. Let us demonstrate our commitment, dedication and expertise to you. Call us at (262) 538-2140, or email:

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