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A&E Travel2022-04-01T16:25:57-05:00
Experiencing the resorts in your shoes, as a newlywed couple in love, we are Amy and Eric and we are A&E Travel. We are a husband and wife team that has a true passion for helping you plan your dream come true honeymoon, one of a kind destination wedding, or any other vacation you do not want to be just any other vacation. We pride ourselves in providing you with the same level of personal attention and service we would expect for ourselves. We know you will begin our relationship as our clients and quickly become our friends.
Island Travel Group2021-04-15T15:25:37-05:00
We were once asked to book a high end all-inclusive for a gentleman and his wife. He hadn’t used a travel agent before. After visiting with him about their lifestyle and travel habits, we suggested an ocean front villa. This villa was perhaps opposite of what he originally asked for, and half the price. But we felt certain it would exceed his vacation expectations. That was 20 years ago and they haven’t missed a year returning to that very villa, often bringing friends and family along. Another time there were a small group of sisters planning a cruise. They came from different financial situations. We convinced them to choose a more moderate priced sailing and more mass market ship, to suit the sisters on a budget. Yet we found the perfect new ship that would satisfy a more luxurious taste. The sisters had the time of their life, and we opened up a new perspective for the higher end, frequent travelers in the group. At 5:30am we received a call from a honeymoon couple traveling to Antigua. Their flight had cancelled and there were no available flights for at least 3 days! They were frantic. Within one hour, we rebooked them to a sister resort on a neighboring island in the Caribbean, and within 2 hours they were flying high! They still talk about how we saved their honeymoon!! When traveling, always bring along your sense of humor. It’s never certain if you will reach your destination. But you always have our 25 years of experience and 24/7 support!
Courier Travel2021-03-29T12:42:41-05:00
A client came to us to book a large multigenerational family vacation for 18 people ranging in age from 12 to 70 to 2 countries in Europe.We had to book air, rail, hotels, private excursions and special dinners to specific restaurants in 2 of Europes finest cities.After returning from an unbelievable 11 day trip the clients marveled at what a great time they had together. They loved the fact they could share time with 3 generations of their family and enjoy some of the best Europe had to offer. “Building memories one vacation at a time.”
Anina Travel Service Inc.2021-03-22T09:25:50-05:00
Anina Travel Service, Inc. is a full service travel agency located on LaSalle Street in Chicago, serving clients since 1974. We believe in personalized service and strive to design and plan trips to fit our clients budget and to fulfill their travel dreams. We have had the opportunity to travel extensively and have experienced diverse cultures, epic scenery, wild life, unspoiled beaches and terrains, and so much more.

Some of the more recent experiences

Cuba was a lifelong dream fulfilled. On a circle cruise of Cuba, we stopped at ports such as Santiago de Cuba-know for its revolutionary history, colonial architecture and Afro-Cuban culture. Havana, a colorful combination of history and culture, magnificent sights and array of nightlife choices. Punta Frances, the “Isle of Youth” with its glorious beach of white sand, crystal clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling. And Cienfuegos known for it’s colonial era buildings and beautiful central square, the Thomas Terry theater, a national monument, with unique architecture and the colonial village of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Bali – and island and province in Indonesia, brings forth thoughts of romance in paradise. The south side of the island has busy Denpasar and one of the most visited areas, with its very chic Kuta Beach. In central Bali we visited the city of Ubud. We also traveled through the lush green mountainous landscape reaching the northshore and the city of Lovina with its black sand beaches. To the west there is Menjangan National Park where we enjoyed snorkeling at Menjangan Island. Spain and Portugal are two amazing countries with so much history, culture, architecture, works of art, natural wonders, delicious cuisine and world famous olive oil. Some of the places to explore are: Barcelona and Gaudi’s extraordinary masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. Granada and the royal summer residence, the Alhambra Palace and exotic water gardens of Generalife. Seville and the Plaza de Espana in Maria Luisa Park, famous for its flamenco shows. The Moorish city of Cordoba and the famous 2,000-year old bridge, Mezquita-Cathedral of Cordoba. In Madrid, the Prado Museum, Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and the famous jamon (ham). Porto, Portugal, situaded on River Douro and celebrated as the Port wine capitol of the world. In Lisbon, visit the Belem Quarter and enjoy a tasting of famous “Pasteis de Belem” (Portuguese egg tart). Jeronimos Monastery, Sao Jorge Castle. The Algarve along the sun drenched southern coast to relax and enjoy wine and classic seafood dishes rooted in the region.
Our travel experiences have given us more intimate information and knowledge of many areas, which have been advantageous when planning various trips for our clients – trips such as – family vacations, honeymoons, destination weddings, adventure trips, river and ocean cruises, small group tours, villa vacations, domestic and international airfares, discounted international premium airfares, hotel packages with transfers and local tours.
Oui Travel2021-03-24T07:58:28-05:00
In life there are chasers and makers of dreams. Here at Oui Travel we like to consider ourselves as makers… making dreams come true! In the very old song by Dean Martin entitled ”Memories Are Made of This,” he sings of dreams and good times as the building blocks for memories. We like to think this is how we work. We take a dream, construct it so it becomes a reality, which then becomes the material of a cherished memory. One very interesting and special dream which became a reality was an adventure to Greece that we planned for our brother. He fell in love with the Greeks at the ripe old age of 10 after studying their accomplishments in social studies and had always hoped to get to visit the land where for many years democracy was thought to be born. Although he had been in the Navy as a young man and traveled the world, he never made it to Greece. How much fun it was to watch his face as he viewed the ancient ruins of Akrotiri in Santorini, explored the site of the first Olympics in Olympia, marveled at the blue of the sea, toured ancient Athens and relaxed among the locals in the plakas. He will tell anyone that the opportunity to sit on a marble wall, looking up at the Acropolis, while the music from a choir filled the air brought goose bumps. What could have been more ethereal? Tastes of the land also left their mark. Sweet memories are evoked and many stories of his visit to Greece are told each time he samples a fine olive oil, sips a good wine, or spreads a little honey on a piece of hearty bread. He marks that trip as one dream designed, delivered and memories stored.
Starship Travel, Inc.2022-08-01T09:05:48-05:00

We have been there

As Travel Agents, we visit many of the destinations that we recommend. So that we can provide you with first-hand knowledge of the hidden gems that make your vacation unforgettable. We know the must-see stops and activities to match your style of travel. In addition, we get feedback from our travelers and know the best spots and activities… and even more important, the ones to avoid!

Your time is valuable

For many travelers, a vacation is months or years of saving and dreaming. Let a Travel Professional ensure that your hopes and expectations become reality. We book destinations that we specialize in. We take care of everything, so that you can focus on enjoying your vacation and experiencing everything that your destination has to offer. If a problem should arise… we are always available. We will get you taken care of first!

Take the first step

Lets get the conversation started and get you to the destination of a lifetime. Take the first step toward your dream vacation and contact us today!
Eclipse Travel2021-03-23T12:01:02-05:00

Your time is valuable As Travel Agents, we visit many of the destinations that we recommend. So that we can provide you with first-hand knowledge of the hidden gems that make your vacation unforgettable. We know the must-see stops and activities to match your style of travel. In addition, we get feedback from our travelers and know the best spots and activities… and even more important, the ones to avoid!We have been there

For many travelers, a vacation is months or years of saving and dreaming. Let a Travel Professional ensure that your hopes and expectations become reality. We book destinations that we specialize in. We take care of everything, so that you can focus on enjoying your vacation and experiencing everything that your destination has to offer. If a problem should arise… we are always available. We will get you taken care of first!

Take the first step

Lets get the conversation started and get you to the destination of a lifetime. Take the first step toward your dream vacation and contact us today!
First Choice Travel & Cruise2021-11-01T09:45:33-05:00
Since 1991 we have been working with couples, their families and guests for Destination Weddings and really enjoy it. Each wedding is always totally different and we are here and ready to assist everyone in the group. A few years back we did a combination of New Berlin and Eisenhower High Schools for a 40th Class Reunion CRUISE. It started with one graduation year but grew to anyone graduating in the 70’s! We got quite a few classmates together that haven’t seen each other for years and everyone agreed it was a success! One of our Disney families was lucky enough to be upgraded to the Cinderella Castle for an overnight stay! They are still talking about it! We love surprises, and are excited to be part of them! Many of our clients have surprised their spouses and families with an amazing cruise or exotic all inclusive vacation. Believe it or not we have had more than a couple of fiancee’s set up a surprise special honeymoon to Bora Bora and Tahiti, and the bride doesn’t know where she is going. We have even have assisted in quite a few surprise proposals all over the world, from Las Vegas to Europe, Jamaica and Mexico! We love to help make our clients look like the total super heroes… they are!
Moore Travel, Inc.2021-03-24T14:42:55-05:00
At Moore Travel, we believe life is about special moments. We love guiding our clients in creating a moment that they will remember forever. We hold sacred those extraordinary moments, such as a destination wedding or a honeymoon, and especially treasure those once in a lifetime family vacations or “bucket list” adventures. Our goal is to help you capture these precious memories that you share through photos and are never forgotten. Our promise to you: Moore Travel charges nothing to use our services. We will price match all online travel websites before you apply your deposit! We will guide you with our expertise so that you have a stress-less planning process. Our distinctions and connections with the top resorts around the world elevate your stay to a level so that all of your expectations are met. We can’t wait to work with you so that your next amazing moment is one you will fondly remember forever! Are you ready to capture a memory? We look forward to continuing to make your travel dreams come true for years to come!
Jennifer Walker Travel, Inc.2021-03-22T09:17:37-05:00
As a wife and Mom, I understand the value of quality time spent with my husband and son, and while we always have a lot of fun together (at least most days), some of the best memories we have are from trips we’ve taken together. Whether it is a vacation at an all-inclusive resort where we had the unique opportunity to release baby sea turtles together and to swim with whale sharks, a cruise in the Bahamas with Mickey Mouse, or a once-in-a-lifetime Mom/son visit to Machu Picchu in South America, I feel vacations provide perfect opportunities for couples and families to bond over shared experiences. I haven’t found anything to beat these memories. Ask my son about his favorite times, and he’ll always have a vacation-related story to tell you. Of course, his version of events is much more exciting than mine. Those whale sharks I mentioned? He’ll tell you, “Mom rode a whale shark!” Truthfully, one of those massive creatures came up underneath me and side-swiped me with its fin and tail. He’ll tell you my hand caught on fire while zip lining in Costa Rica when the truth is that my glove got snagged on a wire and tore a hole. We have had some absolutely amazing adventures as a family, and you can, too! As your travel consultant, I am here to help you in whatever capacity you need. Whether you simply require someone to review your research work before you book your own trip, or you need a lot of hand-holding and reassurances as we work together to plan your vacation, I will customize the travel planning process to suit your individual needs. I’m great at working with new travelers and experienced travelers, too. Want to communicate by text? In person? Over the phone? By email? All of that works for me. Want to meet in a coffee shop after work to discuss your trip? That’s fine, too. My goal is to help make the travel planning experience as easy and stress-free as possible for you. I’ll provide my best recommendations and ideas to enhance your trip while respecting your budget. While I have a lot of personal experience traveling with my family, I also try to take advantage when work opportunities arise to visit new destinations on my own. By experiencing new places and services for myself, I am much better at meeting your needs, and answering your specific questions. I’ll share photos I’ve taken on my social media channels. I’ll always be honest when asked a question about my experiences. I’m very open and frank, and I have a sense of humor. While I take my work seriously, I try not to take myself too seriously. I believe planning a vacation should be half the fun of the trip! My personal travel experiences and unique relationships with my trusted travel suppliers allow me to offer the very best in service to you. Looking for old-fashioned customer service and someone who will respond promptly to your questions? I’m that person. Looking for great value for your vacation? I will help you find it. Need help figuring out where to go and what to do once you get there? That’s where I excel. Let’s get started helping you to make those life-changing, family-bonding, life-long kinds of memories. I’m here when you’re ready.
Vega International Travel2021-03-23T09:10:37-05:00
Since 1948, Vega International Travel has been at the leading edge of travel, delivering the best service and most creative solutions to our exceptional clients. For decades we have been servicing prominent figures in business, art, politics as well as many generations of families and businesses who receive our undivided attention and dedicated personal service. Unlike many agencies we don’t specialize in a destination or a product line. We work closely with each client to understand their needs, their tastes and collaborate with them to make sure the arrangements are the right fit.
World Class Travel2021-03-29T10:19:16-05:00
One of the most extensive trips our agency has planned was a six week family vacation for five people. The oldest daughter was heading off to college and the family wished to spend time together exploring the history of Europe by car, visiting several iconic cities, the fabled countryside and small towns of storybook fame along the way. With such a lengthy car rental required for this driving vacation, we recommended the car purchase and sell-back program offered by Auto Europe. This program saved the family around $2300.00 in car rental costs by purchasing a family-sized sedan made by Peugeot which could be sold-back at the end of the trip. The family began their trip in Rome staying at the upscale Marriott Grand only a 13-minute walk to the Trevi Fountain. While in Rome we arranged private tours including an extensive visit to the Vatican on one day and the ancient Colosseum and Pantheon, a former Roman Temple now a church, on another day. We also arranged a skip-the-line tour of the Borghese Museum, an art gallery housed in a former villa filled with paintings by famous artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens and Raphael. The family also visited Hadrian’s Villa, an archaeological complex in Tivoli constructed in the second century for Roman Emperor Hadrian. Heading out of Rome, the family drove to the famous resort town of Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast staying at the elegant Hotel Continental. After Sorrento, they headed north to Florence to the posh Grand Hotel Cavour a block form the Bargello National Museum and a five-minute walk to the Duomo. Then it was on to Venice and the ornate Hotel Canal Grande. After Italy, it was off to Austria with a stop in Innsbruck staying at Hotel Heimgartl, a cozy hotel housed in a Tyrolean-style building at the foot of a wooded cliff overlooking the Inn River. Then to Vienna and the Graben Hotel located in the old quarter five-minutes from the Hofburg Imperial Palace. After Vienna, the family drove through Bavaria and the Black Forest region of southern Germany. One of the stops was in medieval Rothenburg, a fairy-tale town of half-timbered houses and cobblestone lanes. Driving into France, the family stayed with friends in Strasbourg, the largest city in the Alsace region, with UNESCO World Heritage sites and world famous vineyards just outside the city. Then it was up to the small country of Luxembourg, where the Ardennes forest can be found. On the way to Paris, the family visited Reims, the champagne region of France. Upon arriving in Paris, we recommended the Paris Pass which offers admission to over 60 attractions and museums, and includes unlimited travel on the Paris Metro and taking the hop on hop off bus. By staying in Paris for several days, the family drove all around northern France to the Palace of Versailles, Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny, and the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy. Before the family traveled on the high-speed Eurostar train which traverses the English Channel from Paris to London, they sold the Peugeot back to an Auto Europe affiliate. While in London, we again recommended the London Pass and with several days in the city, they toured Buckingham Palace, Oxford Castle of the Norman period, Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, and many other famous places. And after six weeks, the family’s historical journey through Europe became one of their most memorable experiences and we are proud to have helped make that happen.
Carefree Travel Inc.2021-03-23T12:15:43-05:00

Carefree Travel Inc is a full service travel agency with over 40 years of experience planning vacations for our loyal customers. Our new office is easy to find on Hwy 11- just east of downtown Delavan. There is ample free parking. Don’t let the small town fool you, we can assist you with any of your global travel requests.

Do you love to snorkel? Try it in Bora Bora and you will not regret it- manta rays, sting rays, lemon sharks but my highlight was jumping into the Coral Garden surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish. We can arrange to end your evening sipping champagne from coconuts at sunset. How about a multi-generational trip to celebrate your milestone birthday? Rent a villa on the beach in Jamaica. These are fully staffed with a housekeeper, waiter and chef. And they will wade into the water to deliver your drinks. How’s that for making memories! We routinely inspect the popular cruise ships, visit the resorts at your favorite beach destinations and are well-informed of the latest entry requirements around the world. Our dedicated staff is constantly training. When does your passport expire, will you need a visa? Do you need travel insurance? Our agents watch out for you before and during travel. We know there are countless options available on the internet — it is overwhelming. Carefree Travel Inc can offer you a hassle-free planning experience. Stop in and find out why our customers continue to seek our assistance in planning memorable vacations. Get ready for a Carefree vacation!
See Your World Adventures2021-03-22T16:03:07-05:00
We have a passion for travel and for helping others realize all of the adventures in travel the world has to offer. There is nothing better than when a vacation goes from being a trip to an experience never to be forgotten. One of those memories for us was on a safari in Tanzania with a group of eight family and friends. We arrived in Arusha and were greeted by the friendly staff at the Zawadi House and a nightcap before a full night’s rest. We awoke to hear morning prayers from the mosques in the neighborhood. Then we headed out on the first day in our private safari jeeps in the Serengeti. Although we anticipated seeing animals in their natural environment  and the great wildebeest migration, we were almost instantly greeted by a long parade of elephants that came out of nowhere. We thought we saw one in the bush and were so excited and then out they came one by one in their huge glory, softly stepping around us with our breath held and our huge smiles of amazement. Next we were elated to see elephant babies playing in the mud, a pride with baby lions marching right past us as well as hundreds of monkeys and babies playing in Lake Manyara National Park. It was more than we ever imagined and it was just the beginning. We also hung out with a mature male lion in the Ngorongoro Crater, conversed with a  local Maasai family sitting in their Bomba (mud house) in the Maasai Steppe, viewed bison eating with their babies at our own bedroom window at the Serengeti Sopa Lodge, and the very vocal baboons playing in Tarangire National Park. We then set off for the next half of our adventure and flew to the island of Zanzibar where merchants had landed and gathered spices centuries ago. We enjoyed their local markets full of color near our Zanzibar Serena Inn and dined in a rooftop restaurant set in the winding streets of Zanzibar Town. We took in the amazing tidal beach and snorkeled in the clear waters at Mapenzi Beach Club for a few relaxing days on the northeast coast. The many experiences we have enjoyed on our travels and the amazing people we have met along the way have given us memories for a lifetime. We have the desire to help others realize their travel dreams and build memories as well. We look forward to getting you to your next dream destination.
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