Free Spirit Travel LLC
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Over the past 1 year and 1/2 we have spend lots of hours helping our clients get refund’s on canceled trips. We have been here to help them decide what was the best option for them. Refunds or future credits with bonuses.

I have had people call that booked their trip on line and wanted me to help them to get refunds. They had been on hold for hours and can’t reach anyone. I had to tell them that we can not touch any on line bookings since we did not make them. We can only help our clients. We only deal with reputable company that we have worked with for years. We have sales reps and other ways of getting help for all booking we have made for our clients. The peace of mind knowing your vacation is protected is priceless!!

Ginger Mittelstaedt
Free Spirit Travel LLC
35years experience.

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