Dream Navigators
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157 N. Clinton Ave.

As a Luxury Travel Advisor, I often describe my work as being a “dream navigator,” crafting extraordinary experiences for my clients.

When my husband and soulmate Daniel was offered an overseas assignment, we quickly and instinctively agreed. It’s not an easy task to relocate three children (one with a new girlfriend) to another country. However, our many and varied adventures planted the seeds for my future career. Being surrounded by art, history, culture, class and elegance changed my perspective.

When the time came to return home from England, our second youngest son said: “Mom, let’s lock ourselves in the bathroom!” It was clear; we never wanted the journey to end. It became my personal mission to help others have their own never-ending journeys.

As a result, following several years of education, training and experience in the travel industry, I founded Dream Navigators in 2003.

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