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Travel Center Hosts FAQ

Who is Travel Center Hosts?
Travel Center Hosts is a travel agency owned by MAST and was started for the sole purpose of providing MAST members with host agency services.

Does Travel Center Hosts have agents working for them or sell travel to the public?
No. Travel Center Hosts does not hire travel agents or independent contractors and does not sell travel to the general public.

Where is Travel Center Hosts?
Travel Center Hosts is headquartered in the MAST office in Oakbrook Terrace, IL.

What agency name and address will appear on my reservations?
On Princess, Holland, Cunard, Disney, Tauck, Viking and Regent Seven Seas: Travel Center Hosts, 635 Butterfield Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Phone 630.889.9845
On NCL: Your agency name will appear on the confirmation. Travel Hosts will “remain” in the background and can be seen by looking at the confirmation in the NCL booking engine. This also applies to MAST group bookings. Your agency will appear on the confirmation with MAST being hidden in the background.

How do I begin using Travel Center Hosts’ services?
Please fill out the required Member Agreement on the mast website via the registration link. You may also email to obtain the registration link.

How will I be paid commission?
All commission for reservations booked through Travel Center Hosts will be paid to Travel Center Hosts. Booking agencies will be paid by Travel Center Hosts on a monthly basis for all commissions that come in during each month for your reservations. It is then the responsibility of the booking agency to pay their agents as agreed between the parties. NET PIF or reduced payment bookings will be added to monthly commissions. If no commissions are received for an agency during the month, they will be invoiced for the Travel Center Hosts’ portion of the commission due. If a final payment is to be paid net, it should be reported by email to at time of final payment.

My agency discounts cruise bookings to be competitive. Do I still have to pay the Travel Center Hosts portion of the commission if I discount a cruise?
Yes, discounted bookings will be charged for the full Travel Center Hosts’ commission back to the booking agency.

My agency allows owners, managers and agents to travel and pay net for their personal and family or friend’s travel. Do I still have to pay the Travel Center Hosts portion of the commission?
Yes, Travel Center Hosts’ uses our portion of the commission to pay for running the program to benefit MAST members with higher commissions earned on all bookings made through Travel Center Hosts. NET PIF or reduced payment bookings will be added to monthly commissions. If no commissions are received for an agency during the month, they will be invoiced for the Travel Hosts’ portion of the commission due. If a final payment is to be paid net, it should be reported by email to at time of final payment.

Will I receive a 1099?
Agencies using a social security number as their tax ID will receive a 1099. Agencies participating with the Travel Center Hosts’ program are considered independent contractors of Travel Center Hosts. It is then the responsibility of each agency to issue proper tax forms to their agents and report earnings as required by law. Contact the MAST Accounting department to inquire regarding specifics regarding your agency.

If I sign up with Travel Center Hosts will I be required to utilize all of the programs and services offered?
There are no requirements associated with the programs and services. Travel Center Hosts has been created for MAST members and they can choose to participate in whatever is beneficial to their agency and situation.

Do I need to sign a new agreement with Travel Center Hosts every year?
No, the Travel Center Hosts’ Agreement will automatically renew each year. Note that changes to the program may be made. Changes will be communicated by email and will be posted to the Travel Center Hosts’ webpage on the MAST website. NOTE: Travel Hosts may on occasion ask for a revised agreement to be submitted.

How do I terminate my agreement with Travel Center Hosts?
The agreement may be terminated without cause by a written request on your agency letterhead.


Can I move cruise reservations from my agency to Travel Center Hosts in order to earn extra commission?
If your cruise reservation is under deposit you may contact the participating cruise line to inquire as to their requirements for moving a reservation to Travel Center Hosts. You may also refer to the Travel Center Hosts Manual for forms and instructions. Generally speaking, the booking agency will need fill out a supplier form or write a letter to the supplier requesting the reservation be moved to Travel Center Hosts’ CLIA 00441243 / Phone 630.889.9845. Once a booking has been paid in full, suppliers will not allow it to be moved to another agency. Some suppliers do not allow bookings to be transferred after a certain amount of days from the actual booking date. Disney Cruise transfers and on-board reservations made by your clients only earns 10% commission. Travel Center Hosts does not supplement additional commission on transfers and on-board bookings made with Disney Cruises.
NOTE: All forms or letters requesting transfer are required to be signed by the agency owner/manager on file with the cruise lines.

Where do I send the request to transfer existing cruise bookings to Travel Center Hosts?
Please send your request to the supplier by filling out and sending the supplier’s form or a letter on your agency letter head, signed by owner/manager per the instructions in the Travel Center Hosts Manual. Please note the cruise line may require a form or letter from your client stating they approve the change of agency. Send a copy of the letter to also.

Can I book cruise groups with Travel Center Hosts?
Yes, groups are held under Travel Center Hosts and are listed on the group page of the MAST website. Please contact the Travel Center Hosts’ manager if you would like to hold new group space to ensure proper handling of the group.

Do I qualify for tour conductor credits if I book into a Travel Center Hosts’ cruise and tour groups?
Group policies vary by supplier. If your agency meets the supplier group requirements you will earn the TC. If the minimum number of cabins or rooms are not met by a single agency, TC credits remain the property of Travel Center Hosts. If there is more than one TC earned on a group, booking agencies will only earn the TC if they meet the minimum number of cabins and the TC will be based on the number of cabins or rooms sold.

What is the commission for cruise sales under Travel Center Hosts calculated on?
The commission is based on the commissionable cruise fare only. Insurance, packages, transfers, NCF, taxes and other items do not count towards the additional commission and will be paid at whatever rate the cruise line is paying (10%, 5%, etc.)

Do I need to report my cruise reservations to Travel Center Hosts?
Booking forms are not required, however it is helpful if you email to inform regarding new bookings, changes, etc.

For Disney Cruise, Tauck, Regent and Viking River/Ocean please email the agent confirmation to upon initial deposit, confirmations are not reported to Travel Center Hosts by these suppliers.

Can I use ClientBase Live Connect to import my cruise reservations?
Yes, use Sabre Cruises. Remember to use your Travel Center Hosts’ login information to import your reservations.
NOTE: Tauck cannot be imported via Live Connect

How will my cruise sales be tracked?
Your sales will be tracked in ClientBase and TRAMS with the participating agency name listed as the primary agent. The sales will be under Travel Center Hosts as the booking agency with the suppliers. We will provide a report upon request of your agency’s sales. Just send an email to requesting a report. Specify time periods, booking dates, travel dates, etc. you are looking for.

If I book cruises through Travel Center Hosts, will suppliers know my agency booked it?
With the exception of NCL who uses a Secondary Agency field to identify your agency, not at the time of booking. All sales will be recorded under Travel Center Hosts. Travel Center Hosts will record each agency’s reservations in ClientBase and will provide a report to cruise line reps upon request to show the level of sales each agency has accomplished each year.

Where will travel documents be sent?
Please make sure to enter the necessary data in order to send any physical or E-travel documents to your agency at the time of booking. In the event Travel Center Hosts receives documents they will be sent to the booking agency on record. If an excessive number of documents are sent to the MAST office you may be charged for postage costs to ship them to your office.

When will I be paid commission for my cruise reservations?
Payment to the booking agency will be processed by Travel Center Hosts on the last business day of the month the commission is received from the supplier. Checks are processed the first week of each month. The booking agency will receive a statement by email from the Travel Center Hosts/MAST Cruise Services Manager and a direct deposit from the MAST Accounting Department. The booking agency should expect to receive payment via ACH by the end of the 1st full week of each month.

Is the Travel Hosts program the same as the MAST Cruise Services program?
No, the programs are different and separate from one another but managed by the same person. MAST Cruise Services participating suppliers are Azamara, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean only and these suppliers are always booked under your agency.

Do I have to book all of the available cruise lines in the Travel Center Hosts program?
No, you decide which cruise lines you want to book through travel hosts. NOTE: If your agency is Ear Marked with Disney, do not book Disney Cruise through Travel Hosts. It would be best to keep your sales under your agency.
Also, if you are already earning higher commissions on your own with a particular supplier, continue to book them through your agency.

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