MAST Travel Network, also known as MAST Vacation Partners, is the Midwest's premier travel agency consortium and marketing network. Since 1969, MAST has been focused and committed to agencies across the United States. Member-owned and driven, our high level of participation allows agencies to determine our direction.

Member Owned. Member Driven.

MAST is comprised of over 220 agencies across the United States with a dominant presence in the Midwest. With MAST headquarters based in the Midwest, our regional strength gives us the leverage our members need and the sales growth and market share our preferred suppliers expect. MAST is the strongest marketing alliance in the region, providing programs and services that result in increased sales, greater profitability, and mutually beneficial relationships for members and suppliers alike. Innovation drives MAST to create new opportunities for members to grow their business, remain profitable, and increase their professionalism. Your business is unique and MAST recognizes that each agency requires customized solutions to meet its needs. MAST may be a small group, but we are very diverse. Qualifying agencies of all sizes are welcome. MAST works for you! We focus on your needs, your branding, your growth. We supply the tools to fulfill your marketing, networking, and training needs. Our emphasis is on growing your business and increasing your sales. As a MAST member agency, you share in our resources, our growth, and our supplier overrides go back to you! resources, our growth, and our supplier overrides go back to you!

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MAST is comprised of over 200 agencies across the United States.

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Definition of MAST

MAST Travel Network is a member-driven, sales, support, and marketing community of owner-operated independent travel agencies.

Mission Statement

MAST supports member agencies’ efforts to drive sales and increase profitability resulting in stronger relationships with preferred suppliers.

Vision Statement

MAST will become the most successful and respected travel agency marketing group.

Values Statement

  • We foster a community of inclusion and share experiences where everyone can contribute to our success.
  • We are accessible.
  • We are fair and have integrity.
  • We strive to be creative and innovative.

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