Experience Travel
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12472 N St. Paul Ext.
(815) 872-2990
The name: Experience Travel refers to my desire to have my clients experience the world and add to the quality of life of them and the people that they meet as they travel. Having started in the travel business in 1978 has giving me the opportunity to fulfill many clients dreams. My favorite trips to plan are multi-generational. I have a couple who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by taking the entire family on a NCL cruise from Barcelona to France and Italy. I have another multi-generational group doing a 7 NCL Hawaiian cruise two 80+ year old grandma, their children, a granddaughter and a great- grandson.
I have gotten very close to my clients thru the years, eating dinner at their homes and attending family events. This job means that much to me and my clients mean even more.

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