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We have a passion for travel and for helping others realize all of the adventures in travel the world has to offer. There is nothing better than when a vacation goes from being a trip to an experience never to be forgotten.

One of those memories for us was on a safari in Tanzania with a group of eight family and friends. We arrived in Arusha and were greeted by the friendly staff at the Zawadi House and a nightcap before a full night’s rest. We awoke to hear morning prayers from the mosques in the neighborhood.

Then we headed out on the first day in our private safari jeeps in the Serengeti. Although we anticipated seeing animals in their natural environment  and the great wildebeest migration, we were almost instantly greeted by a long parade of elephants that came out of nowhere. We thought we saw one in the bush and were so excited and then out they came one by one in their huge glory, softly stepping around us with our breath held and our huge smiles of amazement. Next we were elated to see elephant babies playing in the mud, a pride with baby lions marching right past us as well as hundreds of monkeys and babies playing in Lake Manyara National Park. It was more than we ever imagined and it was just the beginning. We also hung out with a mature male lion in the Ngorongoro Crater, conversed with a  local Maasai family sitting in their Bomba (mud house) in the Maasai Steppe, viewed bison eating with their babies at our own bedroom window at the Serengeti Sopa Lodge, and the very vocal baboons playing in Tarangire National Park.

We then set off for the next half of our adventure and flew to the island of Zanzibar where merchants had landed and gathered spices centuries ago. We enjoyed their local markets full of color near our Zanzibar Serena Inn and dined in a rooftop restaurant set in the winding streets of Zanzibar Town. We took in the amazing tidal beach and snorkeled in the clear waters at Mapenzi Beach Club for a few relaxing days on the northeast coast.

The many experiences we have enjoyed on our travels and the amazing people we have met along the way have given us memories for a lifetime. We have the desire to help others realize their travel dreams and build memories as well. We look forward to getting you to your next dream destination.

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