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Two recent favorite trips have included a safari in Krueger National Park in South Africa and experiencing a Christmas market river cruise in Germany.

The South Africa trip began w/a few nights in Dubai and viewing its other-worldly architecture and exploring Old Town Dubai and gold and spice markets. The trip included the stunning South African wine country, a helicopter ride over Cape Town and visiting historical sites in Johannesburg. This trip fulfilled a lifelong dream of going on safari and seeing the animals in their natural habitat and the vast, amazing landscape of Africa.

The Christmas market river cruise through the heart of Germany included several pre-nights in magical Paris and included multiple city stops including Bamburg and Nuremberg. Collecting gluhwein (spiced red wine) mugs at the markets and walking through the decorated charming towns felt like a fairytale. River cruising offers a wonderful way to tour an area, pack/unpack once and sail through gorgeous countryside.

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