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Traveling with Karen is always a fun adventure. Wherever I go, I try to make friends with locals from New York to Alaska, Italy, Ireland, and across Europe so I can make recommendations to my customers. My extensive personal contacts help travelers fully enjoy their travel experiences.

For example, my guide in Rome stopped the limo literally next to the Trevi Fountain, let everyone out to throw coins, went around the block, picked us up and took us to his favorite gelato shop. We called it the Gelato and Ruins vacation. While in Ireland with a group, one traveler became ill, so I stayed back to get emergency care for him while the group toured the Ring of Kerry with a capable driver. The treatment allowed the man to finish his St. Patrick’s Day bucket-list trip with his wife and twin sons.

Need a restaurant recommendation? I know pizza places in New York, fine dining establishments in Florence, or a chef who will prepare salmon by a glacier in Alaska. All of us at Chocolate City Travel truly care for our customers and enjoy traveling with them or arranging for them the trip of their dreams. A few tips from us to our customers would be have a picture of your passport and driver’s license on your smartphone and take my all time favorite clothes pins with you… and a few treats and a scarf on the plane.

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