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A woman came in asking about a family reunion. There were three of them planning it, but two were out of state. They had determined to have the reunion in a place with a picnic area nearby a larger city with places to go and see. We established a budget, got on the conference call and set guidelines for the reunion. We created a timeline for conversation and set the plan to work. There were plenty of back and forts, but we all agreed on a site and budget. The plan eventually went off well and 150 people enjoyed their family reunion.

Two couples were panning to go to Europe but could not decide on where to go or how much time to allow. For two weeks we planned and interrogate each on what they wished to experience. After some time and concessions all agreed on a 14 day tour through Europe beginning for three nights in one main city and ending for two nights in another city. This allowed each of them to put in their input and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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