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I drive a wrapped Sandals Car with a beautiful beach scene on one side and kids snorkeling on the other, the car embarrasses my daughter to no end and I keep explaining to her the benefits of driving such a car. The funniest thing that has happened to me while driving this vehicle was when I arrived at my office, got out of my car and just as I was walking across the parking lot I heard a man’s voice saying “I promise I’m not stalking you, but I did follow you here from Dixon” (Dixon is 12 miles away) you could probably imagine the look on my face! He proceeded to tell me that he was looking for a travel agent; theirs had just got married and moved out west. He said that they were from out of town and his wife had sent him to run some errands, he spotted my car and decided to follow me. I welcomed him into the office and said “I’d love to be your new travel agent, where would you like to go?” and he said “Ireland”, I immediately started to laugh and said “I’m from Ireland and today is your lucky day”. He told me what he wanted to experience in my home land and I made my recommendations accordingly. They booked a 10 day trip, had an amazing personalized experience and are already looking at next year!!!

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