Jetway World Travel
Map, Street Address
9201 Kedvale Avenue
Oak Lawn
(773) 779-9813

Our motto: “Your Concierge to the World” has helped establish who we are: A full service agency, there to meet the needs of our clients. They have our loyalty and commitment to Best Value & Service.

From helping clients get home during adverse weather; a family get emergency medical evacuation from Cozumel, to helping in planning wonderful family / group trips. We’re Always there for them.

A Honeymoon couple in Aruba during 9/11 when the US cancelled all flights in and out of America’s Air Space. His mother had a medical situation, he contacted us to get him anything back into the states. Our staff immediately started working on ways to get them out of Aruba, and with some creative work, we got them on the last flight out to San Juan, arriving into Dallas, and by then the air space opened, so we were able to connect him through to Chicago.

A family group of 21 celebrating the Father & Mother’s 50th Anniversary last year to Paradisus. Only Stipulation: He Only Drank Pepsi. The resort Only served Coke. With the help of many on and off property, the Dad had 2 cases of Pepsi just for him upon arrival.

It’s the Above & Beyond that defines us.

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