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In life there are chasers and makers of dreams. Here at Oui Travel we like to consider ourselves as makers… making dreams come true! In the very old song by Dean Martin entitled ”Memories Are Made of This,” he sings of dreams and good times as the building blocks for memories. We like to think this is how we work. We take a dream, construct it so it becomes a reality, which then becomes the material of a cherished memory.

One very interesting and special dream which became a reality was an adventure to Greece that we planned for our brother. He fell in love with the Greeks at the ripe old age of 10 after studying their accomplishments in social studies and had always hoped to get to visit the land where for many years democracy was thought to be born. Although he had been in the Navy as a young man and traveled the world, he never made it to Greece. How much fun it was to watch his face as he viewed the ancient ruins of Akrotiri in Santorini, explored the site of the first Olympics in Olympia, marveled at the blue of the sea, toured ancient Athens and relaxed among the locals in the plakas. He will tell anyone that the opportunity to sit on a marble wall, looking up at the Acropolis, while the music from a choir filled the air brought goose bumps. What could have been more ethereal? Tastes of the land also left their mark. Sweet memories are evoked and many stories of his visit to Greece are told each time he samples a fine olive oil, sips a good wine, or spreads a little honey on a piece of hearty bread. He marks that trip as one dream designed, delivered and memories stored.

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