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A couple of years ago a client of ours wanted to visit his daughter and her husband in Moscow. Since they weren’t on an organized tour it was up to us to help him apply for a Russian visa so I directed him to a visa service specializing in Russia. Well… the application was mostly in Russian and asked for addresses where he’d be visiting, his father’s name, etc. all in formats that were, well, foreign to him and us. After some experimentation and a few phone calls we got through it and he had a wonderful visit with his daughter. BTW, he said the Russian people were very kind.

We have found that as the world gets smaller travel can get more complicated. Many clients are unaware of the entry and exit conditions imposed by countries. Some very common destinations such as Canada and Mexico have regulations relating to the remaining length of validity on one’s passport. Some destinations will refuse entry to a US citizen who has a felony conviction on their record. These are issues that we preview with our clients when counseling them about their travel plans.

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