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Picture Perfect Travel specializes in hosted groups. On our website, refer to the section entitled, “Where in the World are Dick and Mary.”

We took a group of 22 people on a 12-night Baltic Sea cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas. On the day of departure, we were ten minutes away from boarding our flight to London’s Heathrow Airport when the flight was cancelled.

Fortunately as we were traveling with the group, we quickly obtained seats on another airline, recovered the luggage from the cancelled flight and re-checked all the bags with the new airline. Then we notified the transfer company that was to meet us in London.

On arrival in London, the transfer company did not show up. We scrambled to find alternative transportation to the pier. We made it to the ship with our luggage on time. Things happen when you travel, but when you travel with experienced travel agents, you minimize the number of mishaps that can ruin your vacation.

We help make your travels “Picture Perfect”.

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