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We had a couple who had planned a tour of Italy for their 30th wedding anniversary which happened to be in March during spring break. We had planned for dinners and extra excursions and 1 pre night in Rome. On travel day, the client’s wife called to say they were at the airport but it did not look like they would be able to travel that day because of the ice storms on the East coast. I told her to go to the airline desk as soon as she could get there to confirm that they were on the flight for the next day. They went back on the next morning for the flight to Rome. After an hour or so, they were again told they would not be able to fly. This time I had them go to the desk and let me speak to the agent because I had a routing back thru Chicago, Toronto and Amsterdam ( missing the east coast completely)then into Rome that evening. The tour company gave them an evening tour to see some of the things they missed because they were a day late and gave them a refund for the part of the tour they missed because of the weather. The clients were thrilled that they were able to do this 30th wedding anniversary trip and missed very little of it because they had an agent that knew how to handle such a situation.

All our clients who are traveling out of the country have my personal cell and are encouraged to use it if they are delayed at the airport regardless of the time of day or night. Clients are encouraged to call from their destination if anything is unsatisfactory because we have the ability to correct or fix any problem immediately if we are advised of the situation. Because of our rapport with tour companies and resort managers, it is usually just a phone call to correct any misunderstanding for our clients.

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