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The tale of 2 trips

I have been doing travel for 35+ years and have never had such a crazy coincidence on bookings. Last year I had 2 separate inquiries about travel to Germany, and both were going to be small groups. The inquiries came to me within 6 weeks of each other. Both inquires were within a day of each other departing. They were both wanting the same area/region in Germany, and their number one consideration was Oktoberfest. We ended up doing an Escorted tour with Insight for a party of 8, and an FIT with Key Tours for a party of 10. They ended up being at Oktoberfest on the same day (crazy). When it came time to get documents delivered, I discovered that clients live in the same town, less than 5 miles from each other-and didn’t know one another. Both trips went off without any issues, they loved their trips, and were very happy with all arrangements

Lisa Kenny

Travel Consultant

Garrity Travel

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