J & J Destinations, Inc.
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1235 E Newbridge Ave.

Everyone thinks I have a great job, and I have to agree. Selling travel is not just selling a trip… I am a dream weaver, a memory maker, a picture book filler, a bucket list completer, a marriage helper, a wedding planner and so many more things to my clients. My background with helping others travel and my personal travel is one of my greatest assets, and not everyone can or should do what I do every day. It is not rocket science by any means, but a deep caring about where I send my clients and wanting them to have the very best experiences along the way.

My regular clients know I will always ask how their trip went, and truly care. I take that information used to plan their travel and use it to help others going to the same destinations. Believe me, I can’t be everywhere, although I am working on it! Your travel observations, and excitement to try some place new, always help me constantly evolve and become a better agent.

This year, as an example, I sent a group of girls to Norway to hike up some mountains and experience the Fjords, and a mother and daughter to take cooking lessons through Italy. Both custom itineraries that I am using to help other clients plan something similar, but also individual and custom. Where would you like to travel?

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