Lake Shore Travel
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333 Park Avenue
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Passionate, imaginative and intimately familiar with every aspect of luxury world travel, Lake Shore Travel advisors create unforgettable journeys for our customers.

Experience a custom designed vacation created specifically for you. Lake Shore Travel’s more than 20 seasoned professionals begin with a full consultation to ensure a detailed understanding of your special travel interests and tastes. No matter what kind of travel experience you’re looking for, we always have an option that will create lasting travel memories. Careful planning and follow through lead to a worry-free trip with many insider tips and unique destinations.

Travel teaches that we are all one, that we all have the same basic needs, and that our individual actions impact our neighbors and ultimately our global community. At the same time, it teaches that we are different, we are not all born with the same opportunities, and we don’t all want the same outcomes in life. There are hundreds of motivations to travel, and thousands of lessons learned as a result. Travel challenges people’s perspectives, it softens their hearts, it prepares them for success in the future, and it surely makes our world a much, much better place.

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