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We were once asked to book a high end all-inclusive for a gentleman and his wife. He hadn’t used a travel agent before. After visiting with him about their lifestyle and travel habits, we suggested an ocean front villa. This villa was perhaps opposite of what he originally asked for, and half the price. But we felt certain it would exceed his vacation expectations. That was 20 years ago and they haven’t missed a year returning to that very villa, often bringing friends and family along.

Another time there were a small group of sisters planning a cruise. They came from different financial situations. We convinced them to choose a more moderate priced sailing and more mass market ship, to suit the sisters on a budget. Yet we found the perfect new ship that would satisfy a more luxurious taste. The sisters had the time of their life, and we opened up a new perspective for the higher end, frequent travelers in the group.

At 5:30am we received a call from a honeymoon couple traveling to Antigua. Their flight had cancelled and there were no available flights for at least 3 days! They were frantic. Within one hour, we rebooked them to a sister resort on a neighboring island in the Caribbean, and within 2 hours they were flying high! They still talk about how we saved their honeymoon!!

When traveling, always bring along your sense of humor. It’s never certain if you will reach your destination. But you always have our 25 years of experience and 24/7 support!

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