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Looking for someone focused on international travel who has personal experience traveling the world?Looking for old-fashioned customer service and someone to hold your hand through the planning process? Someone who will respect your time and budget? Someone you can trust with your personal and financial information?Looking for someone who will treat you as a friend and not as a transaction?Looking for someone who has been in the travel industry long enough to know how to help you in the event of an emergency during travel?I can help! I’ve been a full-time certified professional travel advisor since 2011. My focus is on international travel, and I have a lot of personal experience traveling the world. My favorite destinations to date have been Africa, Society Islands, and Alaska.Safaris, expedition cruising, river cruising, escorted tours, and customized itineraries are my strengths. I help timid travelers experience the international destinations of their dreams! Experience luxury travelers love me, too. I work with all types of travelers interested in traveling the world.

As a wife and Mom, I understand the value of quality time spent with my husband and son, and while we always have a lot of fun together (at least most days), some of the best memories we have are from trips we’ve taken together. Whether it is a vacation at an all-inclusive resort where we had the unique opportunity to release baby sea turtles together and to swim with whale sharks, a cruise in the Bahamas with Mickey Mouse, or a once-in-a-lifetime Mom/son visit to Machu Picchu in South America, I feel vacations provide perfect opportunities for couples and families to bond over shared experiences. I haven’t found anything to beat these memories. Ask my son about his favorite times, and he’ll always have a vacation-related story to tell you. Of course, his version of events is much more exciting than mine. Those whale sharks I mentioned? He’ll tell you, “Mom rode a whale shark!” Truthfully, one of those massive creatures came up underneath me and side-swiped me with its fin and tail. He’ll tell you my hand caught on fire while zip lining in Costa Rica when the truth is that my glove got snagged on a wire and tore a hole. We have had some absolutely amazing adventures as a family, and you can, too!

As your travel consultant, I am here to help you in whatever capacity you need. Whether you simply require someone to review your research work before you book your own trip, or you need a lot of hand-holding and reassurances as we work together to plan your vacation, I will customize the travel planning process to suit your individual needs. I’m great at working with new travelers and experienced travelers, too. Want to communicate by text? In person? Over the phone? By email? All of that works for me. Want to meet in a coffee shop after work to discuss your trip? That’s fine, too. My goal is to help make the travel planning experience as easy and stress-free as possible for you. I’ll provide my best recommendations and ideas to enhance your trip while respecting your budget.

While I have a lot of personal experience traveling with my family, I also try to take advantage when work opportunities arise to visit new destinations on my own. By experiencing new places and services for myself, I am much better at meeting your needs, and answering your specific questions. I’ll share photos I’ve taken on my social media channels. I’ll always be honest when asked a question about my experiences. I’m very open and frank, and I have a sense of humor. While I take my work seriously, I try not to take myself too seriously. I believe planning a vacation should be half the fun of the trip!

My personal travel experiences and unique relationships with my trusted travel suppliers allow me to offer the very best in service to you. Looking for old-fashioned customer service and someone who will respond promptly to your questions? I’m that person. Looking for great value for your vacation? I will help you find it. Need help figuring out where to go and what to do once you get there? That’s where I excel.
Let’s get started helping you to make those life-changing, family-bonding, life-long kinds of memories. I’m here when you’re ready.

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