Handbook Contents:

2022 MAST Member Handbook

2022 MAST Member Handbook


MAST offers training and education opportunities throughout the year.

2022 Educational Theme

Stronger Together

As the saying goes; “When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world.” – Shai Reshef. In 2022, MAST Headquarters and Preferred Suppliers are focused on educating the membership on how we are stronger together through our relationships. How using MAST Preferred Suppliers not only benefits your agency and the MAST network as a whole, but also your clients and potential clients. That instilling this practice in the membership is key to enhancing consumer awareness efforts with the focus on the importance of using a travel advisor. The power of the network will be the key to changing the world’s idea of a travel advisor and bringing in new business through your clout, elevated service, and professional partnerships.

Educational Events

Winter Meetings

After work networking meetings for all agency staff.

Annual Conference

MAST’s signature event for education, networking, unique special events and activities, part fam trip, supplier relationships, and fun.

International Travel Forum

Full-day workshop with MAST’s Niche Preferred Suppliers.

Summer Workshops

Half-day morning workshops developing business, sales, and marketing skills.

All Star trip

Rewards trip, business meeting, social and networking time.

Owners Summit

Business matters and travel agency operations for MAST agency owners.

MAST Sales Sensation

Seminars, Fall product launch, largest travel trade event in the Midwest.

Business Coaching

Business consultation and coaching that begins with a member needs assessment that touches on business plans, budgets, marketing plans, revenue models, profitability, recruiting new employees and employee compensation, benefits, and incentives.

MAST Exclusive FAM Trips

FAM trips provide learning opportunities and are considered an essential part of continuing professional education. FAM trips are also marketing and selling opportunities for travel professionals and for preferred suppliers sponsoring the trips. Fam trip ROI is measured by most suppliers. With that in mind, MAST has created event pre-requisites and eligibility rules for members invited on MAST designated and exclusive FAM trips.

To receive an invitation to a MAST Exclusive Fam Trip, a member agency must participate/be represented in a least THREE major MAST meetings and events (in-person or virtually) during the 12 months preceding the trip.

(Note: notwithstanding all other requirements established by MAST in conjunction with the suppliers and travel providers hosting the FAM Trip.)

Eligibility requirements: (These will differ slightly based on the FAM trip being offered)

  • Agency needs to be in good standing with MAST and the supplier offering the FAM
  • Agency should have production with the supplier
  • Agent applying for FAM needs to be a selling agent
  • Agent applying for FAM should not have been on the same FAM the year before
  • Agent applying for FAM should not have traveled with the supplier for at least a year
  • Agents applying for FAM should have the permission of the Agency Owner they are representing


  • Obtain specialist certificate
  • Create marketing plan
  • Agree to booking incentives
  • Come up with a mailing list to market to after FAM

Supplier Webinar Series

The 30 minute Supplier Webinar Series is held the first and third Wednesday of the month at 10:00am Central Time.

Coffee Talk Webinars

These are member meetings held via web conference on the last Wednesday of the month at 10:00am Central Time. The focus of these meetings is on industry issues, trending news stories, sales and marketing updates, customer service issues, and other matters of concern to agency owners or front-line sales agents.

Social Media Training Webinars

On the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00am Central Time, MAST will host social media training webinars. We will cover topics from all social media platforms, apps, and tools ranging from beginner to more advanced. All webinars are archived on the MAST website and are available to you all year.