2023 MAST Member Handbook

2024 MAST Member Handbook


Sales Goals

Each year the suppliers who give us overrides provide us with the goals our organization must reach as a whole in order to receive an override at the end of the year. These goals are usually in the form of a percentage increase over the previous year’s sales or a dollar amount over last year’s sales. These goals are then applied to each members sales based on their sales history. Please keep in mind that not all suppliers give us overrides. You will not receive a goal for all suppliers.

Quarterly Sales Reports

These reports will show each member their sales for that quarter as compared to their goal for each supplier. This is a tracking tool to help you keep up with your sales and let you know how you are doing with your sales versus goals. At the end of the year the overrides are paid out to those members that made their goals.

The purpose of these reports is not to provide you with a sales report that shows all your sales through MAST’s Preferred Suppliers, but rather to help you see how close you are to making your goals to help MAST and your agency achieve these goals and thus earn your agencies share of the overrides. If you have questions regarding sales reports and tracking, please contact Kathleen DiBacco at kathleen.dibacco@mvptravel.com.

Sales Promotions & Agency Incentives

For current sales promotions, visit: https://mvptravel.com/member/mast-headlines/

MAST’s preferred suppliers frequently feature agency incentives, such as booking contests, gift cards/cash prizes, supplier merchandise and bonus commissions. Sales promotions feature client-targeted promotions including free upgrades & value-added offers.