2024 MAST Member Handbook

2024 MAST Member Handbook

MAST Website

Members Only Section

MAST maintains a Member’s Only section, on our website, that provides valuable information to help you get the most out of your MAST membership and grow your travel business. To access the Member’s Only section of the MAST website, members can login at: mvptravel.com/login with their provided login. To change your password contact courtney.simpson@mvptravel.com.

The MAST Member’s section provides you with:

  • Account Info
  • Programs & Services
  • MAST Booking Programs
  • Marketing
  • News & Events
  • Listing of all MAST Preferred Suppliers, along with a detailed profile page for each Supplier
  • Resources & Training

Agency Profile on the website

Every member agency will have a profile web page, on the MAST website (mvptravel.com), that displays the following…

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Address
  • Contact form (sends to your email address)
  • Website address
  • Phone
  • Listing of areas that you Focus on (ex. Caribbean, Europe, River Cruises)
  • Profile description
  • Google map with directions button

Click Here for Agency Profile Examples!

If you do not want your address or map displayed, in the case of a home office, just let us know. We can remove those from being displayed. If you need to provide (or update) information for your profile page, please submit our online form located here… http://apps.mvptravel.com/agency-profile/. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the MAST Office at 630-889-9817.

MAST Specialist Designation

The MAST Specialist Designation is a new program to give recognition to member agencies that specialize in certain Destinations and/or Travel Styles. Each MAST member agency is allowed up to 5 MAST Specialist Designations.

Submit your request for a MAST Specialist Designation by filling out our form located here… https://mvptravel.com/member/programs/mast-specialist-designation/msd-form/.

MAST Website Public Section

MAST also maintains a section of the MAST website that is geared to the general public. The goal of the pubic side of our website is to:

  1. To promote your agency to prospective travelers, through our Agency Listings (Agency Profile pages)
  2. Educate and Promote the benefits of Joining MAST, to Travel Agencies
  3. Educate and Promote the benefits of Joining MAST, to Suppliers

For any questions or help with the MAST website, please contact the MAST Office at 630-889-9817.